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About ReignCity

ReignCity is The Northwest's Premier Source for Events, Arts & Culture

But the calendar represents only half our activity on the local scene. Formally Obese Productions, we’ve been producing concerts in Seattle since 2003. The same talent scouts are making ReignCity the only events calendar you need.

Booking with ReignCity

Click here for general inquiries, questions, or collaborative ideas. If you're strictly here for booking, take a moment to read our policies before sending your press kit.

ReignCity books 2 to 4 months in advance. Keep this in mind when planning a tour, album release, or similar event — we can't accommodate requests made with less than 2 month's notice.

ReignCity books 3 to 8 shows a month. We review every press kit we receive to make the appropriate selections. We also seek to match our performers with the right bill — so please be patient. When a slot opens for you, we'll get in contact to make it happen.

ReignCity welcomes electronic press kits (EPKs). Please email or direct us to an online portfolio with the following information in full:

  • Group name and contact info
  • Three (3) audio tracks minimum (MP3, wma, quicktime, etc.)
  • 5 to 15 minute live performance video
  • Desired dates (especially if you're on tour)
  • Previous clubs or venues played
  • Approximate draw for all-age and 21+ shows
  • Typical PR and advertising for your shows
  • Two (2) references minimum (record labels, engineers, promoters, venues, other groups, etc.)

Got all that? Great. Hit us up!