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The Crocodile Presents:

Thursday Apr 05

Riff Raff

at The Crocodile

8:00PM | All Ages+Bar | $27.50 Adv.

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Former MTV reality show contestant-turned-rapper, Riff Raff, apparently landed a record deal last yeark, inking a deal with Soulja Boy's SODMG imprint. The 20-year-old rap star delivered the news in a simple tweet on Wednesday (June 1), welcoming the Internet rapper to his label.

"everybody welcome my newest artist @RiFFRAFF_SODMG to SODMG," Soulja Boy wrote (@SouljaBoy).

In response, Riff Raff thanked his new label boss with a tweet of his own. "THANK YOU @SOULJABOY .... iM BOU TO 'BRiNG THE RiCE OUT'," he wrote (@RIFFRAFF_SODMG), adding: "THE PRiCE OF RiCE WiLL BE AS HiGH AS GAS PRiCES .... DUE TO ALL THiS "RICE BRiNGTATiON' "

Since the announcement, Riff Raff has been tweeting and retweeting his legion of fans and supporters (over 100K) who have congratulated him on the latest development in his career. And, he even dropped a nearly three-minute freestyle called "Soulja Boy Signed Me", in which he brags about how bright his future is now that he's signed. Details regarding the deal were unknown at press time.

Riff Raff hails from Houston, Texas. He first came onto the scene in 2009, when he appeared as a contestant of Fonzworth Bentley's MTV reality show, "From G's to Gents", during its second second. Although he was eliminated in the second episode, Riff Raff ran with his newfound fan, and has been heavily marketing himself on the Internet ever since.

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