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Aug 25, 2015

New Music: La - “Demi Moore Freestyle” (Produced by Marcus D)

La & Marcus D

Today we’ve been blessed with a new song from La & Marcus D. Check out more from their new album, “Golden Gun” at their Release Party this Friday, August 28 at The Crocodile Back Bar. - Liz

New Video: The HOTBOX Presents: “Funk Volume Cypher”

Funk Volume Tour

The Funk Volume Tour is hitting the road soon so they stopped by Hot 97 to help spread the word. They’ll be rolling through Showbox Sodo on Wednesday, September 16 for their Seattle stop. Tickets on sale now!

New Album: Filthy Fingers United - “Left Coast Tribute”

Filthy Fingers United

FFU continues the cultivation of the Seattle Beat Scene with the release of their “Left Coast Tribute” compilation. This month’s edition features twenty-one of our city’s most interesting producers served up for free on their Bandcamp site. Diogenes, the driving force behind FFU, will be performing TONIGHT at the Stop Biting Beatmakers Showcase at Lo-Fi. Come through! - Liz

Aug 24, 2015

New Album: Kung Foo Grip - “The New Flesh”

Kung Foo Grip

Really looking forward to this new project from KFG. Eff Is H & Greg Cypher are always out supporting the rap community, so make sure and reciprocate and pick this shit up. - Josh

New Video: Raz Simone - “Massa Sir”

Raz Simone

New fire off of Raz’s upcoming “Trap Spirituals”. - Josh

Aug 21, 2015

New Video - The Underachievers - “Chasing Faith x Rain Dance x Allusions”

The Underachievers

This new UA shit is super tight! “Evermore: The Art of Duality” pre-order is available now. You should also get tickets to their show at Neumos October 4th. - Josh

Aug 20, 2015

New Video: Mikey Vegaz - “#COAH pt.3”

Mikey Vegaz

Saw Mikey open for Berner last Saturday and he was the best performer by a long shot. Expect some big things from this man coming up. - Josh

Aug 19, 2015

New Video: Raz Simone - “Charged Up”

Raz Simone

I truly like and respect both Sol and Raz and hope that whatever the situation between them is, gets resolved. On the other hand, rappers battling and taking shots at one another has always been an essential part of Hip Hop so I had to post this. This is entertainment right? - Josh

Aug 14, 2015

New Video: Eligh - “808”


Eligh once again comes correct with a visually striking video and fire song. Absolutely can’t wait to see him again at The Croc 9/12. - Josh

New Album: Aer - “One Of A Kind”


Aer’s new album was just release today! Stream the entire thing below while you are picking up tickets for their show at Showbox on 10/2.