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Jan 18, 2017

Jan 12, 2017

New Video: P.O.S - “Lanes”


Off of new album ‘Chill, dummy’ dropping 1/27. I already pre-ordered mine and got tickets to the show at The Crocodile on March 2nd! - Josh

Jan 11, 2017

New Music: DaiN - “Gave It A Try” ft Moniquea


First single off of the New Orleans / PDX producer new EP ‘Treat Yourself’, which is dropping later this month. Looking forward to hearing that Malice & Mario track! -

New Music:  Macntaj - “Deception” ft Donte Peace & Teza Talks


Some new shit from Slightly Flagrant’s Macntaj who is dropping solo work now.  It also features Donte Peace and is pretty dope if you ask me. - Josh

Jan 08, 2017

Jan 06, 2017

New Music: RudeAssMogli - “Roots”


Seattle’s RUDE counterpart RudeAssMogli shares ‘Roots’, his solo debuted Anvil produced bang-bang-banger! The production pairs well with Mogli’s softer, edgier way of spitting, keeping you engaged from start to finish. Selling out The Back Bar (with plenty of happy, drunk and fed party people) RUDE is making power-plays as a unit and as individuals. Play the game how it goes, gents! Peep the drop. - b.

Jan 05, 2017

New Music: Travis Thompson - “Pipe Down” feat. Michael Christmas (prod. Tyler Dopps)

Travis Thompson

Dope new shit from the Ambaum kid featuring Beantown’s Michael Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed their show at Chop Suey last month and this song will definitely get some spins. - Josh

Dec 30, 2016

New Video: Bryce Bowden - “Velour Sweaters” (feat. Tre Ross & Webb Wavvy)

Bryce Bowden

Speaking of luxury, Bryce Bowden sends off FML’s Tre Ross and Webb Wavvy for a clear debut to good taste in style in ‘Velour Sweaters’. Visuals by A.K Romero, Bryce is still cold with city celebratory rhymes with the beat riding smoother than velour. Tre Ross matches the beat with his lyrics like the socks to his flannel. Webb lines up the finale with fashionable intents, thus creating the drop you see today. Merry Holidays, Seattle. - b

New Music: Skillz - “2016 Rap Up”


Definitely one of the best year end rap ups from Skillz in a while, who sounds mad as hell again! - Josh

Dec 29, 2016

New Video: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - “Macaroni”

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

New one from Boogie who will be live at The Crocodile on January 19th. - Josh