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Oct 21, 2016

New Music: Raz Simone - “Don’t Settle”

Raz Simone

I can 100% say this is the first song on ReignCity about polygamy and I fucks wit it. Do your thang, whatever that may be. - Josh

New Video: Gifted Gab - “Lady Of Leisure”

Gifted Gab

Gabby got bars and these girls got back so I give this video two thumbs up! - Josh

Oct 20, 2016

New Video: Ryan Caraveo - “Grim Reaper”

Ryan Caraveo

New one from the homie Ryan Caraveo off the upcoming album “Maybe They Were Wrong”, which is dropping the 1st day of December. 9 days later dude will be headlining The Showbox with special guests Jarv Dee and Nick Weaver. Cop ticket to that ASAP! - Josh

Oct 17, 2016

New Mixtape: KiD Jone$ - “Club 308”

KiD Jone$

HigherENT’s KiD Jone$ returns with his fall release of ‘Club 308’. While still coming with the power play-esque rhymes complimented by J.Battle produced beat play, the growth since his last project ‘11:59’ shapes Jone$’ gutter confidence and sound chemistry into perfect harmony. The 6th tape in KiD Jone$’ hub definitely shows a solid coverage of the artistic spectrum—listening to joints like New Years (where Jone$ creatively still manages to finesse a few radical lines here and there) all the way to Bentley Coupe (another strict and non-reclusive rap song about fire sh*t). Homecoming week at Howard University has placed KiD Jone$ on their event roster to open for both Lil Uzi Vert AND Metro Boomin’. Like if that ain’t enough reason to get familiar I don’t know what is. Peep the release below and indulge in our generation’s newest way to express thy hustle. - b.



Oct 14, 2016

Here’s to you, Noisey! 5 years, 5 years, 5 years.


We are paying homage to Noisey, one of the most prominent sources for music and urban culture provided by the human beings (and technology) over at VICE. Since the 90’s, VICE has always been pressed about it’s super community-incorporated news and content retrieval. It’s (fax machine emoji) that regardless, it is one of the first publications to acquire exactly enough content to move through the streets all to witness on a national level. Noisey was built strictly as a music platform back in 2011 and has continued to build artists around their own thriving communities and message boards. Is it because of the depth Noisey creates with day-in-the-life segments, nation-wide parties and heightened media involvement that your interaction levels are at a whopping 99.9%? Seemingly overtime—and as trends change, Noisey among many other VICE media sublets including Munchies—(your best kept secret to organic cuisine around the world and the effects of it’s presence) and Motherboard—(a guide to everything in the world that either makes us smarter or more dependent) have positively pumped out streams of relevant media through TV and online publication. VICE celebrated their launch of the exclusively curated media news TV channel, ‘VICELAND’ earlier this year and they are basically success goals. With ReignCity as The Northwest’s Reigning Source for Events, Arts & Culture, we say thank you for curating a positive and progressive source for our favorite wave-makers of the generation and then some. Cheers. - b.



Oct 11, 2016

New Mixtape: Mo$ - “Introducing”


#ForTheBread’s newcomer Mo$ drops his 1st city-wide anticipated tape named simply, ‘Introducing’. Coming from across the poorly taxed 520 bridge, Mo Bah debuts his swaggy alter-ego Mr. Applejuice with a #nice and #healthy nine-track introduction into the game. I’ve rocked with just about every creative aspect Mo has enlisted for himself and his #FTB team—I’ve never been disappointed. This tape showcases a truly wavy collaboration between Mo and a roster of brilliant city-bred producers. I know you’ve seen Mo around the Town and I know you f*%k with his shit. This is a friendly invitation to get with it quick. He’ll be performing @ LIVE FROM THE NASTY next week so, you’re welcome. Peace and love to my bro - peep the jump below. - b


Oct 10, 2016

Oct 05, 2016

Brand new single from iLLChris off of his up coming Album ‘Honor Thy Father’

Fresh off of their stint on the West Coast leg of the most recent Pouya tour, iLLChris teams up with RUDE member Crow for a new track off of his up coming album, “Honor Thy Father”. The track displays iLLChris in one of his rawest verses ever, mixed with Crow’s eerie auto tuned vocals over a haunting Trap Taylor beat.

Sep 30, 2016

New Music: Adam Nystrom - “Slip Away”

Adam Nystrom

The homie Adam is back with a lil something something for the ladies. Take a listen below! - Josh

Sep 29, 2016

New Album: Remember Face - ‘Remember Face’

Remember Face

Nu Era members Chima and Andrew Savoie have come together for this new project. Check it out below. - Josh