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Apr 25, 2015

New Video: Black Magic Noize - “Spark The La”

Black Magic Noize

Black Magic Noize dropped a new video for “Spark The La” today to promote the release of their compilation of 4/20 themed tracks, The Stash. For the last five years, BMN have released 4/20 projects and have gathered together some of their favorite songs to showcase their progress as a group. Their Album Release Party is TONIGHT at Vera Project ($10 at the door) with Karma Knows, Diogenes, Imprints, Bi$hop, Scotty Bahama, Seany Cee, and The Introverts.

You’ll also be able to see them at our upcoming show with Jedi Mind Tricks on Saturday, June 20 at The Crocodile. - Liz

Apr 23, 2015

New Album: Jarv Dee - “Satellites, Swishers & Spaceships”

Jarv Dee

3 years since Jarv got me hooked with that “Dopamine”, he’s back with a much anticipated new full length release. You already know that its gonna be dope, so be like Luniz and throw 5 on it. - Josh

New Video: Tuxedo - “RADIO VINYLE Interview”


Radio Vinyl is a YouTube series in which artists look through the giant record collection at Radio France and share their music memories. We were especially glad to see this one since Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One (as Tuxedo) will be at The Crocodile on July 2 with a live band. The Radio Vinyl interview with Madlib is also worth watching. - Liz

Apr 20, 2015

New Album: Filthy Fingers United -  “*dat weed tape, too”

Filthy Fingers United

Happy 4/20 from Filthy Fingers United! The FFU producers are everywhere these days. Next up is the Black Magic Noize Album Release this Saturday, April 25 at The Vera Project with Karma Knows, Diogenes, Imprints, Bi$hop, Scotty Bahama, Seany Cee, and The Introverts. - Liz

New Video: Jarv Dee - “Water”

Jarv Dee

Some new shit from Moor Gang General Jarv Dee off that upcoming “Satellites,Swishers & Spaceships”, which drops in 4 days. - Josh

New Music: Thaddeus David - “MoorThanLess3”

Thaddeus David

Some new shit to enjoy the holiday with today and the third installment of Thad’s MoorThanLess series. Dig it - Josh

Apr 19, 2015

New Album: Astro King Phoenix - “Space > Pod < Memories”

Astro King Phoenix

Today Astro King Phoenix has shared with us a new album produced by OCnotes. You should be bummed if you missed his recent Home Slice appearance in The Crocodile Back Bar, with OCnotes on the decks and Malcolm Procter as live painter. Here are Astro’s notes about the new album:

Have you Ever been on a “Space Pod” and relived “Memories” while traveling in Hyperdrive ?
Astro King Phoenix opens an exhibit of memories revisited from the past
attempting to pull him home during an enhanced outer body experience
from dreaming in hyper sleep.. OCnotes painted the map from Rap
Loops as they travel by Space Pod to the future for the next shift….

Astro King Phoenix keeps getting better, we’ll be watching. - Liz

Apr 15, 2015

New Album: Buck 65 - “Dirtbike”

Buck 65

We are all very excited to see Buck 65 and Astronautalis at their upcoming show on May 2 at The Crocodile! Buck 65 just released some older material he’d like to share with the world. Words from Buck himself about the project:

I set out a task for myself, to put together three huge albums worth of music in three months - what I’ve been calling the ‘Dirtbike’ project. I managed to write and record approximately 70 songs. The three “albums” are each around an hour in length.

I think of Dirtbike 1-3 as a woodshed demo project. But I’ve wanted to share this work with anyone who was interested in hearing it. They’ve floated around a bit here and there, but now I would like to share them directly with you.

These ‘albums’ aren’t for sale and never will be. Never-ever. It was just really important for me at this point in my career to act creatively without any consideration for money or press or anything other than art. I guess it could be said that this is just something I had to do for myself.

Finally, these recordings were made at home with crappy gear and were mixed in headphones that are 15 years old and were never very good in the first place. So they are pretty lo-fi. So for the few of you who will hear them, they’re best heard in headphones.


Click here for a direct link to his download page and here to buy tickets to the show. -  Liz

Apr 13, 2015

New Video: Goldlink - “Sober Thoughts” (Produced by Kaytranada)


Deeply sorry to have missed the release of this one on April 1. Fortunately, it is never too late to share great music. Goldlink has been making some great moves lately, releasing a video for his 2014 collaboration with Kaytranada is definitely one of them. Goldlink is headed out on tour with DJ Kidd Marvel in June, hopefully there will be a Seattle stop added soon. - Liz

Apr 12, 2015

New Video: Astro King Phoenix - “Yarn”

Astro King Phoenix

Astro King Phoenix and Malcolm Procter make so much great art that it’s hard to keep track of it all. The visuals for Astro’s latest single “Yarn” were a joint venture between the two artists, something you’ll find a lot of down the rabbit hole of an Astro King Phoenix YouTube search. Astro will be at The Crocodile Back Bar tonight for the April edition of Home Slice with Vaughn Illa, Romaro Franceswa, and the entire 96 crew (Def Dee, La, Kung Foo Grip, AlcaZar) for only $5. - Liz