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May 05, 2012

Review: Grieves’ Sold Out Show at The Crocodile Cafe


It has been nearly a year since Grieves and Budo have performed in our city. Since the release of their latest full length album, “Together/Apart”, the pair has been constantly on the road. Travelling North America on the Warped Tour, last summer, headlining two national tours and even performing over-seas. Fans here in Seattle have shared these two with the world.
Taking some time off touring, the duo quickly announced their return show,  with good friends, Prof and DJ Fundo as well as The Breaklites. This line up quickly moved tickets at the Crocodile Café, selling out a week before the show.

Walking by the Crocodile on May 4th, fans crowding the box office, the back bar had never been so brightly lit. Honestly, I have never seen such energy, or even such a high head count within those walls. 
Feeling fortunate enough to catch most of The Breaklites’ set, I was reminded of just how free we are to explore and meld music together. Having a soul, funk, jazz-ish sound, the sound that they have developed is uncommon to this area’s typical musical species. Having that on their side, they welcomed fans as they packed like sardines.

Even after completing The Breaklites’ set, fans kept pressing the stage in anticipation for Prof, a notorious party boy, and comedic, high energy Minnesota rapper. Roughly 10:15 came around, and Prof, along with DJ Fundo, took the stage, opening their high octane set with “Gampo”, the title track off their latest LP, “King Gampo”.  Performing a balance of his back catalog, along with his new releases, it was surprising to see the following Prof has in Seattle.  Yelling to the crowd, “What they call me?” A unanimous response, “I’m an ANIMAL!” came roaring back, as Fundo dropped the track, the Crocodile show room turned into one giant, sweaty, mob of bodies, dancing, jumping and screaming the words along with him.

The heated anticipation only grew as Prof and Fundo left the stage. Budo came out, armed with his electric guitar. Hyping up the crowd, along with an announcer’s distorted voice thundering in the background, proclaiming their arrival. Grieves quickly took the stage. The two played a large amount of music from “88 Keys and Counting”, along with a three song montage from “Irreversible”, as well as a healthy amount of work from “Together/Apart”. Even dropping a new song on the crowd, Grieves and Budo have really grown into a crowd pleasing, face melting, hip hop attraction. When “Light Speed” began playing, the entire crowd, in unison began singing the words. IT gave me goosebumps for literally, the entire song. If they ever needed a choir, these folks should be their first choice. It was really something! Glad to know they were taping the entire show.

My personal review of last night’s show, “FUCKING AWESOME”. Further explained, I have never seen energy like that ever. Not even at the largest sold out shows, with some of the most talented acts in the world. There was so much excitement and support, on both sides of the stage, it was palpable, and honestly, it was contagious. We here at ReignCity are always giving 100 percent to every show we have, and for those of our staff that were there, this was our reward. - Kristin


ReignCity Footage of Grieves performing “Nature Vs. Nurture” off “88 Keys and Counting”.