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Feb 15, 2012

Video: Fatal Lucciauno - “Disrespect”

SportnLife Records

Fresh off the release of his new, free EP The Message, produced entirely by Jake One, Seattle’s own Fatal Lucciauno is excited to release the latest single from his official sophomore album, Respect, which will be released next week, February 21st, via Sportn Life Records. The song, “Reflections,” is produced by MTK and features The Good Sin.

“Reflections” takes a hard look at the duality of a person; the contradictions between how they see themselves and how other people see them. “I asked The Good Sin if he could imagine being himself through someone else’s eyes,” explains Fatal when asked about the inspiration behind the song. “I wanted to focus on that concept as much as possible, and stay as true to it as I could.” Fatal succeeded, weaving introspective, soulful lyrics over MTK’s deliberate, keyboard-driven beat.

The result is a song with a strong message to anyone who’s ever stared into a mirror, trying to see through to the other side. “Stop lying to yourself,” remarks Fatal. “We all have two sides to ourselves and this is a good thing. If we can see that our reflection is what people see, then we are all looking at the world in the same way.”

Twitter: @fatallucciauno
Music: Fatal Lucciauno’s BandCamp