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Jul 20, 2016

New Video: Ryan Caraveo - “Might Murder Me”

Ryan Caraveo

Right now, everyone should be scared. If you’re not scared, then you simply aren’t paying attention. Or maybe, you’re just ignoring it because paying more attention might make you sad, or worried, and you don’t have time for that. If you’re unable to say how you feel for fear of the people in the room around you, you are a part of a problem. It’s the same problem that causes an officer to stay silent while his colleague violates another human being’s rights. The “I won’t tell if you won’t tell” mentality that provides a path of least resistance to avoid consequence. Not all cops are bad, not all citizens are good, but silence always makes you an accomplice.
If you’re reading this as a “rant”, or choose to ignore this post and not think about this ever again, this was written for you. Written for someone so far removed from the realities of racism and abuse, you refuse to see it as a real. You believe speaking up and correcting someone’s prejudiced behavior might vilify you, so you sit back, you wait, until something is REALLY expected of you, and maybe then you’ll step up. BLACK LIVES MATTER. If you interpret that statement as “Black lives matter more than other races or lives,” you clearly have not seen the police kill the same pattern of people in cold blood. Or maybe it’s impossible for you to empathize because YOU and the people YOU care about have never been oppressed, and your conscience allows you to remain in that bubble guarded from the world around you. Do all lives matter? They should; it’s a statement we all want to agree with, but not all lives are systematically targeted and are at risk of being lost on a daily basis.
So before you continue with the rest of your day, just keep this in mind: you have power, YOU accomplished what you have in this world because of your actions. You transformed the way your life used to be into the way it is now because of your actions. Your words and your voice changed your life, and they can change the world too.

Say something. - Ryan Caraveo

New Album: Porter Ray + Tele Fresco - “Electric Rain”

Porter Ray

New Porter Ray! Personally I’m stoked and you should be too. - Josh

Jul 19, 2016

New Music: Swa Playmaker - “Only One” (Prod by Tope)

Swa Playmaker

Oakland/Portland producer TOPE and Miami artist Swa Playmaker hook up again for “Only One”, the third single off of their collaborative EP ‘NO TITLE’ dropping soon.

Jul 15, 2016

New Album: Dave B & Sango ‘Tomorrow’

Dave B

Dave B and Sango recently premiered their much-anticipated collaborative album, ‘Tomorrow’, on NPR. Spearheaded by singles “Help Me Find A Way”, “Got It From”, and “Parallel”, the project combines Sango’s upbeat sample-based production, with Dave B’s melodic flows to create a cohesive album that’s sure to help send both artists further into the spotlight. - Marco

Jul 12, 2016

New Video: Kung Foo Grip - ‘Pyramid’ ft. Pigeonhed

Kung Foo Grip

My favorite Seattle duo since Blue Scholars are back with the second single release off the ‘Chemtrails’ album, which is coming soon! - Josh

Jun 23, 2016

New Video: KiD Jone$ - ‘Luh Da Taste’

KiD Jone$

It’s been a ride for Kid Jone$. Fresh off the release of his summer swagger ‘11:59p’, Jone$ puts his visuals in rotation to make sure you know his rhythm and flow. Luh Da Taste displays a courageous amount of individuality and straight clowning. The #HigherENT + #FTB collaboration speaks volumes with blunt lyrics from Jone$ and self-made choreographer ‘Mo $’. Catch him opening up for Mark Battles this Friday @ Studio 7. The jump is below.

Jun 22, 2016

New Video: Atmosphere - “Ringo”


New video from the Minnesota duo to coincide with their tour announce is the first single from “Fishing Blues” out August 12. Tickets for the Seattle show on September 15th go on sale this Friday at 10am. - Josh

Jun 21, 2016

New EP: Shelton Harris - “Awake”

Shelton Harris

After a long hiatus filled with lots of car photos (jk) Shelton Harris is finally back with Tyler Dopps to deliver the EP “Awake”. Featuring Scarlet Parke, Romaro Franceswa, Malcolm Rebel and more! (Side note: I’m really happy that these two are back making music together) - Josh

Jun 20, 2016

New Album: Spekulation - “Nine to Fives & Afterlives”


New album from Spekulation featuring some great cover art and lots of awesome guests.  - Josh

ReignCity Premiere: Chase Henny & Anthony Eugene - “Seasons” Feat. Saint Claire

Chase Henny

New heat from Seattle artist’s Chase Henny and Anthony Eugene with our favorite violinist holding it down. - Josh