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Apr 13, 2014

New Video: Fly Moon Royalty - Live On KEXP

Fly Moon Royalty

Fly Moon Royalty recorded this on Super Bowl Sunday. The video includes “Piece Of Me,” “Read My Lips,” “My Heart Keeps Pumping,” and my personal favorite “The Anthem.” - Liz

New Video: Outkast Reunion at Coachella


This is the full hour and a half performance of Outkast’s long-awaited reunion at Coachella. Seattleites will get their chance to see Big Boi and Andre 3000 at Sasquatch on Friday May 23. - Liz

Apr 12, 2014

New Video: Grayskul - “Live On KEXP”


Local legends, Grayskul, are the stars of another great Live On KEXP performance. The video features “The Gift,” “Maggot,” “The Face And The Fang,” and “There Is No Edge.” This one was filmed in January and released last week. - Liz

New Video: Nas - “Time Is Illmatic” Trailer


April 19 is the 20th Anniversary of the release of the “Illmatic” album. “Time Is Illmatic” will be premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival and hopefully hitting theaters shortly after. Nas is releasing “Illmatic XX” on April 15. - Liz

Apr 11, 2014

ReignCity Interview: Raz Simone -  “The Sober Solider”

Raz Simone

Raz Simone’s music has been compared to a typical Seattle day. With it’s quick wit the music is heavy, moody, cloudy, stormy hip hop that you can’t help but play over and over again. But Raz Simone is far from your typical rapper. Reign City had the pleasure of catching up with the busy up and comer where we talked fast food, the touring, and being the “sober” one in any situation.

Reign City: You want a slice of pizza?

RAZ: Aw, man. I just ate pho actucally.

RC: Pho is kind of your thing. You’ve featured it in a few music videos.

Raz: Man. Guess I have. We were actually just talking about wanting to open up a pho truck with billiards and call it Pho Que.

RC: Heard you don’t smoke? Something you don’t hear about a lot of rappers. How has that effected you in your career?

Raz:: Yeah I don’t smoke. And I always seem to get asked about it. I mean being from Seattle it seems that everyone smokes but I’ve never smoked. People are always like “respect, respect” that I don’t. But I’ve never tried it, so I don’t see the reason for the respect. I mean say I smoked for like ten years and then stopped that’s more commendable because that takes a lot. But I’ve never had that feeling. I’ve never needed to take it out of my diet. So I don’t miss it.

RC: How come you never started?

RAZ: I’ve always had examples growing up; good examples and bad examples. I had examples from my mom and her family as my good examples. The good side gave me the backbone not to need that. I care a lot about my mind and body and soul. I mean I don’t eat beef or pork. I like the natural state that I’ve always had going.

RC: Why don’t you eat beef or pork?

RAZ:  I say “Eat to live don’t live to eat.” Don’t stress about your food option, like if I needed to eat a burger I’ll eat one. But I don’t miss pork. I am really about pork propaganda. It’s something I don’t need in my life.

RC: So, do you drink?

RAZ:  No. Not really. I have tasted alcohol before. I’ve taken a slip when I was pushing like 20 something, then I decided fine I actually try it. I can count it on one hand the amount of times I’ve been tipsy. I mean I’m a slower drinker, slow eater, I chew my water, so it’s already not going down. When I am on tour though it’s different, you know. I mean I feel like it’s more like smoking is like pork to me and beef is like drinking. I won’t get mad when beef is on my plate. I’m not like “oh my god there is a burger in front of me.” But with smoking I just don’t do it.

RC: Must be hard when you are on tour.

RAZ:  Well when you are on tour everyone is about “yo! Man let me smoke you out. I got that good stuff. Come!” And man, those are the moments I did wish I did smoke. Because then I could par take in this experiences right here. Sometimes I’ll take one for the team and if they hand me a handful of weed, I’ll take it. And then my guys are quick to take it from me. But that’s the thing - it’s everyone’s number one goal is to get me to smoke. Then it’s like “Aw, man let me get you a drink. Something! What you want. What you want.” Then I turn to the person next and be like “What are you drinking? You want it.”
I mean every night it’s a different person who wants to smoke you out. Someone wants to drink with you. Someone wants to get you drunk. It’s just the same thing again and again. And that’s the thing I don’t like. The consistent thing. I don’t like it when it’s consistent. It’s like an addiction in it’s own. Like you act like you need it. Like drinking coffee in the morning. You don’t need that but you trick yourself into thinking you need it.

RC: No caffeine for you either you?

RAZ:  (Laughs) No. I mean the most I’ll drink is like a tea. I mean once I went to this like tea wizard. Where he got me tea to help with my throat and voice. I’ll do that. So ginger tea, where it’s just ginger. I’ll steep it for hours.

***Rapid Reign Questions!

In your music video “Still mobbin” you are doing what I call “Mario Karting” which is where you stick your head out the sun roof while you are driving.
With that said - which Mario Kart character would you say you are?

RAZ: mario

Easily star struck - yes or no?

RAZ: no

All is fair in love & war - yes or no?

RAZ: false

Worst Rap Name?

RAZ: babyface pimp

If you tried out for a reality show - which one?

RAZ: Real world - Seattle

Lays Chips is looking for a new flavor - your suggestion?

RAZ: pancake (with a side of syrup)

Do you fear failure or success more?

RAZ: Neither

What will you buy with your first big check?

RAZ: nothing

One question you’ve always wanted to be asked?

RAZ: Why are my eyelashes so prefect?

We had Raz hit the photo booth before leaving. Big thanks to Raz and his management for making this happen! - Roseanne McAleese

New Video: Fearce Vill - “Let it be Remix” Feat. Grieves & Grynch

Fearce Vill

Three of my favorite people out here doing it over a BeanOne beat is sweet music to my ears. - Josh

New Video: 50 Cent - “Big Rich Town” f. Joe (Produced by Vitamin D)

Vitamin D

Vitamin D produced this new 50 Cent song which appears on the soundtrack to 50’s upcoming new show, Power. Be on the lookout for 50 Cent’s new album, Animal Ambition, due out June 3. - Liz

New Video: MADlines - “The Weapon”


You may remember now Oakland-based MADlines as half of the Seattle duo Canary Sing (other half is Hollis). Her new video for the BeanOne-produced “The Weapon” can be found on her “Love Child EP” released in late 2013. -  Liz

New Music: Aesop Rock - “The Blob”

Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock released 32 minutes of unreleased music today. Check out the video preview below for the “continuous mix of beats & sounds that have otherwise been orphaned by their hell-bound father.”

He is giving “The Blob” away for free via Soundcloud. - Liz

Apr 10, 2014

Show Preview: CunninLynguists @The Crocodile April 11


CunninLynguists got their start in 2000 and have been making moves ever since. Kno, Deacon the Villain, and Natti have just released “Strange Journey Volume Three” and are bringing their tour to The Crocodile Friday, April 11. The tour heads up to Bellingham for a Saturday night Show at Wild Buffalo on April 12.

CunninLynguists have made some great Artist Profile videos to help promote their tour, below is J-Live’s video. His first album, “The Best Part, released in 2001 had production from heavy-hitters such as Prince Paul, DJ Premier, and Pete Rock. One of our new favorite J-Live songs, “Money Matters,” from his new album, “Around The Sun” (due out April 29) is featured in the video below.

Joining the “Strange Journey West Coast Tour” is Seattle’s own Sadistik. His 2013 album, “Flowers For My Father” has production by Kno of CunninLynguists and hometown heroes, Blue Sky Black Death. Get to know Sadistik in his Tour Profile video below.

Kentucky artist, Nemo Achida, rounds out the lineup of Friday night’s CunninLynguists show. His new album, “Well Raised Beast,” is due out this spring. My favorite Nemo Achida song so far is “Big Lights, Deep Shades” from 2011.

There are still tickets available for The Crocodile show, but, they won’t last long so show up early! More info and tickets can be found on our ReignCity event page . The all-star lineup will also be at Wild Buffalo on Saturday April 12. - Liz