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Dec 24, 2016

New Mixtape: Quentin Miller - “Shredded Metal

written / blake matthews

#1317’s Quentin Miller drops ‘Shredded Metal’, a compilation of five reasons why too much sleep isn’t good for you. Sleeping on Q? That’s a problem. He channels another fierce Key! track, Cj Francis IV, Jeremih and of course reunites with TheCoolisMac for a special WDNG CRSHRS holiday drop. Last year around this time, we were sold on Hey! Thanks A Lot 3, so this only fills our ‘Falco’ anticipation meter about 1/5 of the way. Quentin Miller recently showed up at Tacoma’s 3rd annual Dope Music Festival with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Meek Mill and Gucci Mane. Despite 2016 seemingly bringing the crazy out of his successful up-stream, considering his flow is superbly unmatched and original; we support Q.M and his Nike endorsed movement. Stream all the tracks below.

New Album: Dom Kennedy - “Los Angeles Is Not For Sale Vol.1”

written / blake matthews

For the streets, for the wavy, for the woke; Dom Kennedy releases his new album, ‘Los Angeles Is Not For Sale Vol.1’. Seemingly familiar to his late ‘15 release of ‘Best After Bobby 2’, Dom caters to his fans with slick verses and charismatic lyricism over some of the most fire West-coast production I’ve heard on a tape yet. (Thank you Drewbyrd and Polyester.) He channels the likes of Heartbreak’s P-Lo, Ricky Hil, OpM’s Niko G4 and Troy Noka. Fancy this- Dom just released a collaborative tape with Hit Boy that we featured here, so this drop comes to us as a fine effort of getting us back on Dom’s train of thought. You can stream the project via Spotify and support via iTunes.

Dec 20, 2016

New Music: Donte Peace - “Disrespectful”

Donte Peace

New single from that dude Donte prod by Tcustomz. Enjoy! - Josh

New Video: Blossom - “Black Magic Woman”


Portland songstress Blossom brings all the vibes in her latest, self-directed, music video for “Black Magic Woman,” produced by Mikey Fountaine. Originally hailing from Trinidad, Blossom lets her island roots show on the slowed down, reggae influenced track. “Black Magic Woman” is a message of female empowerment displayed through all shapes, sizes, and nationalities of women handpicked by the rising R&B star herself. Blossom and company come across confident, yet natural and refreshing through the lense of filmographer Tim Slew. Recently signing to Martell Webster’s EYRST label and becoming one of the most active performers in the NW, including a recent trip to NY with Amine for The Tonight Show, the demand for Blossom’s debut album seems to grow by the day.

Dec 19, 2016

New Music: Avatar Darko - “My Friend Ben” [Prod. by V Don]

Avatar Darko

This aint even a diss track, but damn the truth hurts sometimes. Catch Av at Barboza with all the goons January 11th. - Josh

Dec 16, 2016

New Video: Wintertime - “All The Time 2”

written / blake matthews

‘Tis the season for a brand new Wintertime visual for his alley-oop single, ‘All The Time 2’. This video showcases a spectacular 8-bit dimension featuring a gassed-up Mario world compensating bar, after bar, after bar. There’s nothing short of a 5-star review of this follow-up video from me simply because it completes my love for both worlds with plenty of funny innuendos and play-on-words. The video stream dropped today so PRESS START.

Dec 15, 2016

New Ep: Vinnie Dewayne - ‘Duality’

Vinnie Dewayne

My favorite rapper from Portland just released this new Ep with Trox providing the soundscape on 80 percent of it. Quit sleeping on the “The St. Johns Scholar” and give this shit a listen. - Josh

Dec 13, 2016

New Music: Tope - “Thank You”  ft Erikka J & Farnell Newton


New introspective single from Tope saying thanks to all those who have helped him along the way, over a nice Stewart Villain beat. Thanks for all you do Tope! - Josh

New Video: “7 Slaps In The Sack”  Episode 28: Romaro Franceswa

Romaro Franceswa

New episode featuring Black Umbrella’s Romaro Franceswa, who apparently loves the movie “Babe”. Keep that pork off ya fork I guess? - Josh

Dec 12, 2016

New EP: Dom Kennedy x Hit-Boi - “half-a-mil”

written / blake matthews

The most ridiculous thing about this release is we should’ve seen it coming. Dom Kennedy and Hit-Boy collaborate on an incredibly wavy set of 5 Half-A-Mil loosies in a self named EP that is taking us by surprise. The energy on this tape is affirmative, classic and beyond any new listener’s expectations. Personally, why would you need to listen to anything else? Being the king of summer values, Dom brings us his classic FutureStreet/DrugSounds with a hint of Yellow Album; a tribute to indoor risque fiascos featuring bottles of Moet Chandon in the company of beautiful and *established women. Don’t forget the clean production alley-oop Hit-Boy provides, launching his skill-set to reach new heights. I can already tell you this is not the last of Half-A-Mil.